Spreads from children's book No. 2. Sans text.

In sum, it's about a rich gentleman from the city who, on a trip to the country, falls in love with the beauty of a lush, green valley and decides to build a Summer home there. Over time, he continues to order the home be built taller and taller so that he might see more of the valley - all the while depleting the valley of the natural beauty that made him fall in love with it in the first place. Finally, as the first Winter chill rolls in, he looks out alone from his house in the clouds and realizes he cannot see anything at all.

While this story does have an environmental theme, it's really more about the ruinous consequences of always wanting more, and not appreciating the beauty of what you have - unknowingly, yet by choice, destroying what you love in the pursuit of a lofty (pardon the pun) ideal till, consequently, you are left with neither.

Just between you and me...

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Kate said...

It looks fantastic. And I nice story too, which is easy to interpret simply by looking at the illustrations.