Select pieces from my midterm series for Jason Holley's Senior Drawing Projects class.

I started off with the fairly straightforward goal of creating night scenes to contrast the chaos of the day -- focusing on areas of the city which are normally one way during the day, and quite another at night. I drove around Pasadena taking pictures of schools, golf courses, construction sites, parking lots, etc. When I started, I wasn't sure why these images resonated with me as I drove past them. Creating these images was a way for me to find the "Why?" and turn it into the "Why" (that sounded really great in my head, here...not so much).

I guess ultimately, the things which intrigue me the most are the way the cycle of the day repeats itself day after day, creating stories which are, at once, the same but different...the return to order inherent in the way people and things which go their seperate ways to seperate places during the day reconvene at night...the presence of man in the absence of man...and the expectation and uncertainty generated by the sight of empty space.


Btron said...

your concepts for these projects are incredible. this one in particular makes me wonder...and i like it. even better in person, and thats saying something.

natg said...

These drawings really convey a great atmosphere. I like that they're moody enough to contemplate on but not so moody that it's cliche.

Junyi Wu said...

Thanks so much both of you.