Book cover I did for Engame, by Samuel Beckett. The right image of the window being the cover and the left image of the wall being the back. Yeah...I do enjoy explaining the self explanatory, other than drawing, it's my only other skill.

Thought it would be fun to play with space and bring out the mood of the play in this piece.


Overall, I would consider 6th term a success as it has brought me to a place where I am much more comfortable with the way I draw, and the way I approach stories and ideas. It's been a long struggle getting here, and the road ahead is undoubtedly long as well. But, in the meantime, to have arrived at something -- whether in the long run is anything -- feels nice. I'm excited to see where I can take things next, and where things will take me.

Concurrently, there's also the point at the end of every term where I feel extraordinarily unaccomplished 'cause there's always so much more to be achieved. So, alas, small victories do not a clear conscience make.


lily said...

this was an amazing play <3

Kaleigh said...


I was looking through my old art galleries and saw you had posted on some of my things.

We used to know each other on neopets, (outlaw_161). I'm tracking some people down and interestingly a lot of us became (or are becoming!) illustrators. I'm in my third year of an illustration program myself.

I'm going to bookmark your blog :)

Feel free to e-mail me sometime or visit my portfolio :)