I finally got around to seeing Prometheus the other weekend. Personally, I was a little underwhelmed. I was also filled with a strange mixture of anger and amusement that I think must have been akin to what Noomi Rapace's character felt when she was pregnant with the little squidoo thing. Oh well, I've since stapled my composure back together and I'm up and drawing again. 

In other serpentine monster news, I'm participating in another tenpacesanddraw swap this week! I'm sure excited for this one in particular. Here's my sketch of Heracles pinata-ing the Hydra. 


KI-KE said...

lol i saw the movie and i gotta say i was extremely disappointed. It was sooooooo bad. On another note. This alien is sooooooo AMAZing! I love the design and rhythm. Glad the movie inspired something this good from you. lol

Junyi Wu said...

Haha, thank you. Yeah, most everyone I've talked to about Prometheus shares my sentiments. It truly was just...bad -- and not even in one of those ways where it's kind of funny. Oh well, it looked nice. I actually liked the first half hour of it. Then, the ridiculous kind of snowballed from there.

Anyways, thanks for commenting! :)