A random batch of things from this past week. This blog is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. Sometimes you get something delicious, and sometimes you get something gross with weird fruity filling. Hopefully the latter doesn't apply as a metaphor to anything here, but I digress. 

Shown here: 1. My contribution to Ten Paces and Draw's "Scrunchies and Synth" mixtape project, based on the video for Madonna's "Material Girl". 2. Drawing of Mako from Legend of Korra I did for one of the winners of my latest tumblr giveaway. 3. A little beachy boat illustration I made for a card. 


Massimo Carelli said...

i can see only delicious things here!

Junyi Wu said...

Haha! Aw, thanks Massimo. :)