Testing the waters trying to find a way to marry pencil and stylus...I have a feeling it's going to be a lengthy courtship. But, hopefully the results will be interesting. We'll see.

I've been meaning to start a "drawing a day" tumblr, but I'm having trouble justifying the creation of another blog. There are also some things I need to figure out, such as whether I want the posts to follow a certain subject, a consistent size/format, etc. I guess I'll think on it some more while I continue prepping materials with which to revamp my website and this blog. Oh...I'm also working on starting an illustrated food blog. 

My brain. 
It hurts. 

Any suggestions? I'm particularly interested in information regarding how to survive on no sleep, how to build robots, and/or how to create personal clones. Tips on multitasking and project management also welcome in lieu of the aforementioned. 


Olivia said...

man, i've been trying to figure out that one too.. how to survive on no sleep, years have passed, i still haven't found a solution :\

Olivia said...

oh!! and i forgot to say, nice drawings as always :)

Junyi Wu said...

Let's promise to keep each other posted on our findings. Just so you know, it could be a while before you hear back from me.

Thanks very much! :)

Ann said...

I tried to comment yesterday, but I failed miserably. I think the sum of my comments were: I love that swan piece! Amazing. Also, re: your other blogs: just start!!

Junyi Wu said...

Aw, thank you, Ann. :)

Also, re: your comment, you speak the truth.