A batch of illustrations I did today for an article on food myths for GOOD.

It makes me smile that I managed to include cockentrice. I've been dying to illustrate one ever since I watched a really neat program on Medieval feasts.
The cookie is for an illustration on the myth of the "five-second-rule". I chose it because I once used the five-second-rule on a chocolate chip cookie...and the end results were unhappy. I don't usually eat stuff that falls on the floor, but...cookies are different. Apparently though, they are not an exception.

Anyways, more new posts to come next week! Still have some larger pieces to scan and photograph. Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


Ann said...

Junyi, these look awesome! I really love your colored pencil technique - so soft and rich.

Shadi Geravandi said...


Pablo Gon Saa said...

hello .. I am pablo from Argentina, and I like your art! your imagination your style ... you're fantastic! colors .. wow!
I also I have blog-Illustrator ... , Pasate ... mmm anytime you do not mind if I make a link on my blog? ... Is for people to see what is cute ^ ^